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Moton 1 Way Coilovers - BMW E90/E92 M3

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Moton 1-Ways are 1-Way adjustable coilovers that are supplied with camber adjustable top mounts, which are perfect for fast road and track day use.

The key features of Moton 1-Way Coilovers for BMW E90/E92 M3 include:

  • 1-Way adjustable (15 clicks of rebound control)
  • Monotube design
  • Fully height adjustable
  • 22mm shaft diameter
  • 44mm main piston for improved response and range of adjustment
  • Includes camber adjustable top mounts
  • Helper springs available if necessary
  • Rebuildable and re-valving available

PLEASE NOTE - vehicles fitted with BMW Electronic Damper Control (EDC) will require a delete kit to prevent error codes from occurring.

Additional information

Moton 1-Way coilovers are a good choice for fast road and track day applications. The higher quality dampers and springs gives you far more control over the handling of your BMW. The inverted Monotube design is more capable of coping with the high g-forces from cornering and braking compared to a standard OEM damper.

The 15 clicks of rebound control help you fine tune the handling of your BMW E90/E92 M3. Increasing the rebound improves body control and makes your BMW far more stable and controlled during hard cornering and braking. This is particularly useful for track days where ride comfort is not paramount.

The Moton camber adjustable top mounts give you control over front camber, which is normally fixed with standard top mounts. The camber adjustment allows you to set far more camber than standard on the front axle, improving cornering grip, reducing understeer and improving tyre wear.