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Suspension Secrets Seat Raisers - Porsche 991 GT3/RS GT2/RS

Suspension Secrets

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Improve the seat position of your Porsche with our Suspension Secrets Seat Raisers for the Porsche 991 GT3 RS/GT2 RS.

Our seat raisers recline your Porsche's seats further backwards. This accentuates the 'bucket' of the seat, helping to prevent you from sliding forwards in your seat when braking hard on track.

The Suspension Secrets Seat Raisers are particularly useful if your GT3 RS/GT2 RS is not equipped with harnesses. The improved seating position helps you modulate the brakes more effectively as less time is spent preventing yourself from sliding around.

PLEASE NOTE: Suspension Secrets Seat Raisers are only compatible with cars fitted with the Porsche 918 style non-folding carbon fibre seats.