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TracTive Touring Line Coilover Kit – BMW F80 M3/F82 M4


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Increase your BMW's grip in all situations with TracTive's semi-active Touring Line Coilover kit.

Using a variety of multi-axis g-sensors, TracTive's Active Controlled Electronics (ACE) technology is able to change the performance and characteristics of your BMW's dampers on the fly to match changing road and driving conditions. This is all possible thanks to TracTive's patented DDA valve that responds to inputs in under 10 milliseconds. 

For the BMW F80 M3/F82 M4, there are two version of TracTive Touring Line Coilovers to choose from:

TracTive Touring Line Plug & Play - for M3/M4 fitted with factory EDC system.
If your M3/M4 is equipped with BMW EDC electronic dampers as standard, TracTive offer a plug & play system which seamlessly integrates into the existing EDC system. From this point, you still use the BMW damper settings 'comfort', 'sport' and 'sport+' but each of these damper modes makes use of TracTive's semi-active technology, resulting in greatly improved performance in each mode. Thanks to the superior hardware of TracTive's suspension, 'comfort' will be far more comfortable and the 'sport+' will be far more suited to track days.

TracTive Touring Line Standalone - for M3/M4 without factory EDC system
If your M3/M4 is not equipped with BMW's electronic dampers as standard, you can still make use of TracTive's semi-active ACE technology. The standalone kit still features TracTive's multi-axis g-sensors, but instead of using an existing system, the characteristics of the dampers are controlled using the TracTive Control Unit (TCU). This touchscreen controller allows you to change the compression, rebound, pitch and roll characteristics of the dampers. This allows you to fine-tune the performance of the dampers to suit any given condition. 5 individual suspension setups can also be saved with the touchscreen controller, allowing you have multiple setups for different scenarios, such as a comfort, fast road, wet and track driving.

Please Note:

  • This kit reuses the OEM BMW top mounts
  • This kit is supplied with high-quality Eibach springs
  • The Standalone Kit requires the TracTive Control Unit