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TracTive ACE Coilover Kit – BMW F87 M2/M2C

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Take advantage of TracTive’s semi-active electronically-controlled coilovers, and transform the handling of your BMW M2/M2C.

TracTive’s ACE Coilover Kit is a comprehensive upgrade over the standard springs and dampers of the F87 M2/M2C, and is perfect for fast road and trackday applications.

Designed to be compatible with the original BMW topmounts, TracTive’s semi-active, fully-adjustable system uses sophisticated multi-axis g-sensors to measure the movements and motions of the vehicle. From here the TracTive Control Unit determines the required damping required for each individual damper and sets them.

This whole process takes under 10 milliseconds.

This makes TracTive’s ACE Coilovers invaluable for fast road and track work, and gives you an entirely different level of control over the cornering charactersitics and behaviours of your car.

ACE Coilovers can also be adjusted manually – but forget having to get out the spanners – TracTive’s dampers are controlled via a touchscreen controller, from where your preferred damper settings can be set and stored. The system is also capable of storing five preset setups, meaning you can set the car to a very stiff trackday setup, and then simply choose your comfort-focused setup for the drive home.