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TracTive Touring Line Coilovers - Toyota GR Yaris


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RHD or LHD Touchscreen

Unlock more grip in all situations with TracTive Touring Line Coilovers for the Toyota GR Yaris.

What makes TracTive suspension unique is the ACE (Active Controlled Electronics) system. ACE is a semi-active electronic damping system, meaning TracTive suspension actively responds to changes in road surface, grip levels and undulations to ensure you have the maximum amount of grip regardless of conditions.

This is all possible thanks to TracTive's DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve which operates in 6 to 10 milliseconds, often meaning any changes in driving conditions will be dealt with before you even have a chance to notice them.

If semi-active damping wasn't enough, the behaviour of the TracTive Touring Line Coilovers can be adjusted via a cockpit-mounted touchscreen controller. This controller allows you to alter the compression, rebound, roll and pitch characteristics of the dampers for different driving situations. The touchscreen controller is also able to store 5 different damper setups, allowing you to switch between a fast road, wet, comfort, track etc. setup with ease.

The kit includes: TracTive ACE Dampers, TracTive Control Unit, Wiring Harness and Touchscreen Controller and Air Vent Display.

Things to note:

  • This kit reuses the original OEM Toyota top mounts
  • This kit reuses the original OEM Toyota springs

Please note – The picture on the listing is a placeholder, but the images in the gallery show the dampers fitted to a GR Yaris.