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TracTive Touring Line Plug & Play Dampers - Audi RS3 8V


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TracTive Touring Line Plug & Play coilovers are semi-active electronically controlled dampers that are designed to work seamlessly with your Audi's existing MagRide electronic damper system.

TracTive dampers are semi-active, allowing them to adjust to compressions, road surface, and grip levels. This is all possible thanks to TracTive's patented DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve, which responds to changing g-force inputs in 6 to 10 milliseconds. This ensures your tyres are always in contact with the tarmac, ensuring you have the most amount of grip in any situation.

The TracTive Touring Line Plug & Play are designed to seamlessly integrate with your Audi's existing MagRide electronic damping system, whilst also enhancing the capabilities of MagRide. In Comfort, your Audi will be more supple and more comfortable with the TracTive dampers allowing far more movement and shock travel versus the original Audi shocks. In Dynamic, the TracTive system will ensure your Audi remains stiff whilst still adjusting to varying inputs, meaning the ride will remain refined whilst also being stiff for improved cornering.

Additional notes:

  • No MagRide cancellation kit required
  • Direct Plug and Play and fully compatible with existing MagRide system
  • Retain use of OEM springs
  • Retain original top mounts (we recommend fitting new top mounts when fitting)
  • DOES NOT include springs
  • NOT compatible with RS3s not fitted with MagRide from the factory