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TracTive Touring Line Coilovers - Porsche (991) GT3/RS (991.2) GT3/RS GT2/RS

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Plug & Play electronically-adjustable shocks for OE fitment are a high-tech electronic replacement suspension for a car fitted from factory with specific electronic suspension systems. Dampers work wit OE top mount only.

ACE Active Controlled Electronics
Our standalone ACE systems gives you independent damping control. You can adjust roll and pitch interference for stable braking, controlled corner entry and after hitting the apex precisely, a better acceleration out of the corner. Curbstones and road undulations are perfectly managed by each individual damper.

Inside each ACE damper is our patented Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) valve. This DDA valve is controlled by a sensitive multi-axis g-sensor and advanced algorithms developed from decades of racing and road testing. A dynamic proportional valve operating as a bypass has capacity for a large range of damping adjustment, and is capable of responding within only 6-10ms.