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AST 5100 Coilovers - BMW F22 M235I/M240I

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AST 5100 Coilovers are 1.5-way adjustable coilovers that feature combined adjustable compression (bump) and rebound characteristics adjusted via a single adjuster knob.

AST 5100s feature an inverted strut type design which allows them to handle strenuous lateral and vertical loads more effectively compared to a non-inverted style shock absorber. AST 5100s also feature a monotube inner piston design that prevent the damper fluid from foaming under high pressure, resulting in greater consistency and improved handling.

The key features of AST 5100 Coilovers for the BMW F22 M235I/M240I are:

  • Inverted strut design for improved performance during high speed driving
  • 1.5-way adjustable (12 clicks of combined bump and rebound adjustment)
  • Includes springs
  • Fully ride height adjustable from -25mm to -60mm
  • Compatible with OEM top mounts or can be ordered with adjustable AST top mounts