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Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit - BMW E90/E92 M3

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The Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit is a fast road-focused spring and damper combination that is compatible with your BMW's original top mounts.

The key features of the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit for BMW E90/E92 M3 include:

  • Combination of Bilstein B8 dampers and Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
  • -20mm front axle ride height drop
  • -15mm rear axle ride height drop
  • Lower Centre of Gravity for improved handling
  • Improved damping performance versus original BMW dampers
  • Improved body control and ride refinement from progressive Eibach springs
  • Gas-pressurised internal oil for increased performance and heat management
  • Bilstein inverted monotube technology gives increased damping power, heat displacement and absorber performance
Additional information

The Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit is a comprehensive suspension overhaul for drivers looking for an OEM+ solution to improving their suspension performance. Both the Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs in the B12 kit are superior to the springs and dampers used by BMW as standard.

The Bilstein dampers in the Pro-Kit offer improved performance and refinement compared to the original BMW dampers. Their higher performance will ensure your BMW is steadier over imperfections and more controlled and responsive during heavy cornering.

The Eibach springs offer a reduced centre of gravity and improved body control versus the original BMW springs. The stiffer construction of the Eibach springs makes them more resistant to body roll and excessive body movement during driving. The lower ride height offered by the Eibach springs also prevents excess body movement during acceleration, braking and cornering, which gives you far more control over the car's chassis.