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AH Fabrications Brake Cooling Backing Plate Air Ducts - BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4

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Fix your warping brake discs and fading brake pedal out on circuit on your F80 M3 / F82 M4 with the AH fabrications brake cooling duct backing plates. Designed to work with OEM brakes and aftermarket braking packages these backing plates replace the thin OEM stone guards to offer brake cooling for your car. 

Designed to be different, these brake cooling backing plates have an air chamber designed into them to guide airflow into the bell of the disc. This is critical for proper air flow to cool the disc evenly and thoroughly. Other designs simply guide the air to the back face of the disc, which only cools one face and can lead to discs cracking and warping. 

Currently fitted to our own development F80 M3 these brake cooling backing plates made a substantial difference to the brake pedal fade out on circuit, providing clean air flow to the discs to prevent them from over heating. Keeping them cool prevents warping and brake fade providing more consistent braking behavior out on circuit. 

If your car already has air ducting fitted, then simply fit these backing plates to duct the air more efficiently into your disc bell for more effective cooling. 

If you require a full brake cooling package including the air ducts and ducting hose then head over to our listing for the full brake cooling package. 

This kit is designed to work with:

  • OEM Blue Caliper Kit and Discs 
  • OEM M Performance Brake Kit (Silver Caliper Kit) 
  • BTCC Discs with AP calipers
  • 390mm AP racing discs