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Eibach Pro Street Multi Coilovers - BMW E90/E92 M3

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Eibach Pro Street Multi Coilovers for BMW E90/E92 M3 are 2-Way adjustable coilovers which are compatible with original top mounts, making them suitable for fast road and track usage.

The key features of Eibach Pro Street Multi for BMW E90/E92 M3 are:

  • 2-Way adjustable (independent compression and rebound)
  • Height-adjustable (up to -35mm drop in ride height front and rear)
  • Bind-resistant trapezoidal thread to ensure reliability
  • ZF Engineering monotube dampers with Eibach performance springs
  • High quality, corrosion-resistant coating
  • Inverted strut design on front shocks for improved g-load management

PLEASE NOTE - vehicles fitted with BMW Electronic Damper Control (EDC) will require a delete kit to prevent error codes from occurring.

More information

The inverted strut design of the Eibach Pro Street Multi allows the dampers to absorb and control the heavy g-forces, from high speed driving and cornering, far more efficiently than a non-inverted strut. This design allows the Eibach Pro Street Multi to generate grip far more efficiently, and it allows the wheels and tyres to remain in contact with the tarmac even over undulating surfaces and kerbs on the race track.

The height-adjustability of the Eibach Pro Street Multi enables you to choose the ride height of your choice. With the height-adjustment collars, corner weighting setups become a possibility for your BMW M3.