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King Springs

King Springs 25mm Lowering Springs - Toyota Yaris GR

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King Springs Toyota GR Yaris 25mm Lowering Springs are designed to improve the handling and body control of your GR Yaris whilst also improving ride comfort, and offering a lower and more purposeful stance.

What makes King Springs lowering springs unique?

King Springs are made using high quality, high stress X5K spring steel. This new generation steel is far stronger than standard steel used to make springs, meaning less steel is required to make each spring, which in turn means these new generation springs are approximately 30% lighter. The reduced amount of physical metal also increases spring travel, which improves ride comfort. The lower ride height offered by these springs reduces your GR Yaris' centre of gravity, which helps to improve handling and stability.

This premium construction makes King Springs the ideal upgrade for the GR Yaris. The rough and tumble nature of the GR Yaris means they require an equally robust spring, and King Springs offer coilover levels of body control even over the harshest compressions.

Why would I want to install King Springs lowering springs?

The primary benefit of lowering springs is the fact they lower the centre of gravity of your car.

A lower centre of gravity helps to make a car more responsive during cornering due to having less body roll. A lower centre of gravity also gives the car more stability during direction changes, as the weight is more evenly distributed lower in the car. This means the suspension is less occupied with making sure the weight load is being managed which generates more lateral grip, leading to higher cornering speeds.

The innovative construction of King Springs lowering springs also gives them far more suppleness compared to the original Toyota springs, which makes the GR Yaris far more compliant over bumps. This allows lowering springs to fill the ideal upgrade formula: to offer improved ride comfort whilst also boosting the GR Yaris' already stellar handling capabilities.

The King Springs Toyota GR Yaris 25mm Lowering Springs offer a 25mm drop to the front ride height, and a 15mm drop to the rear axle.