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KW V5 Clubsport Coilovers - Porsche 911 GT3 (992)

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Lift System

Transform the handling of your 992 GT3 by installing a set of KW V5 Clubsport coilovers.

As standard, the 992 GT3 is fitted with Sachs dampers featuring Porsche's Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) system. These dampers have two modes of operation: 'normal' which is for road use, and 'sport' which is for use on track.

Whilst the standard 992 GT3 shocks have decent performance, they leave a lot to be desired for the 992 GT3 driver looking to extract the most cornering performance from their cars.

This is where the KW V5 Clubsport comes in. The KW V5 Clubsport is the most advanced coilover unit available for the 992 GT3, and it combines all of KW's motorsport expertise and knowledge into a single ultra-high performance package.

KW V5 Clubsports are 4-Way independently adjustable (low speed bump; low speed rebound; high speed bump; high speed rebound) with full ride-height adjustability too.

The result: complete control over the suspension and chassis characteristics of your 992 GT3.

The key features of KW V5 Clubsport coilovers for the Porsche 911 GT3 (992) are:

  • 4-Way independently adjustable (13 clicks of low speed bump; 13 clicks of low speed rebound; 13 clicks of high speed bump; 13 clicks of high speed bump)
  • Fully ride-height adjustable
  • FIA GT3 spec coilover unit for ultimate on-track performance
  • Significantly more grip during cornering
  • Improved body control
  • High speed bump and rebound settings ensure your Porsche remains stable over bumps and kerbs