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KW V5 Coilovers - Audi R8 Gen 2

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Electronic Dampers

The Audi R8 still fascinates today like no other model in the recent history of sports cars. The fascination continues to be the naturally aspirated V8 and V10 engines which were available then and now and placed between the axles, as well as the avant-garde lines of the body, that is entirely made of aluminium. In order to give the mid-engine sports car even more driving dynamics, KW automotive developed individually height-adjustable spring sets, hydraulic lift systems, and adjustable coilover suspensions for all models and generations of the Audi R8 (Type 42 and Type 4S). Our focus as always is on an increased driving dynamic without sacrificing the sporty ride comfort.

All of our KW coilover suspensions, developed for the Audi R8, guarantee more driving dynamics and safety combined with stylish lowering. The stepless lowering for all the Audi R8 KW coilover suspensions take place via the trapezoidal thread directly on the damper housing which made of a high-strength aluminum alloy. If you opt for an individually height-adjustable KW spring set, you can upgrade your standard dampers with the feature of stepless lowering.