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Moton 2 Way Coilovers - BMW E90/E92 M3

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Moton 2-Way coilovers are 2-way adjustable coilovers that are supplied with Moton motorsport camber plates, making them ideal for fast road and intensive track day applications.

The key features of Moton 2-Way Coilovers for BMW E90/E92 M3 include:

  • 2 Way adjustable (15 clicks of bump, 15 clicks of rebound)
  • Remote reservoirs for improved fluid temperature control
  • Height-adjustable spring perches
  • Aluminium/steel construction
  • Damper shafts are induction-hardened and chrome plated for improved corrosion  resistance
  • Variable canister pressure (100-300 psi/6-18 bar)
  • Blow off valves for improved performance over sudden bumps and undulations
  • Large main piston for increased responsiveness and fluid displacement
  • Easy to install, refresh and repair
  • Supplied with Moton camber plates

PLEASE NOTE - vehicles fitted with BMW Electronic Damper Control (EDC) will require a delete kit to prevent error codes from occurring.

Additional information

Moton 2-Way coilovers take all of Moton's motorsport expertise and distil it into this product.

As a result, Moton 2-Ways are designed to be easy to install, adjust, and maintain. Swivel banjo hoses allow you to quickly install or remove the external reservoirs; quick release hydraulic lines allow for easy installation and bump/rebound adjustment is easily achieved with accessible adjust knobs.

The independent 2-way adjustment allows you to fine tune the handling of your BMW for road use, track use and race use. Each click of the adjuster causes a notable change to the characteristics of the car's handling, allowing you to adjust the handling to your preferred driving style.

The variable cannister pressure on Moton 2-Way coilovers allows a variety of spring combinations in order to achieve maximum performance. By varying the internal pressure you can run softer springs whilst having a stiff damper to provide high speed stability.