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Moton 3-Way Coilovers - BMW E90/E92 M3

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Moton 3-Way Coilovers for BMW E90/E92 M3 are 3-way adjustable coilovers that come with fully-adjustable camber plates that are well-suited for race and track day applications.

The key features of the Moton 3-Way Coilovers for BMW E90/E92 M3 include:

  • 3-Way adjustable (15 clicks of high speed bump, 6 clicks of low speed bump, 15 clicks of rebound)
  • Remote reservoirs for superior fluid temperature control
  • Blow-off valves for high speed bump control
  • Increased piston rod diameter for improved response and increased fluid displacement
  • Independently adjustable high speed and low speed bump settingsk
  • Adjustable internal gas pressure to increase damping force
  • Motorsport monoball camber plates give you complete control over camber angles
Additional information

The 3-Way adjustable nature of Moton's 3-Way coilovers give you complete control over the tuning and setup of your suspension. 

As the bump control is independent, the low speed bump control can be set quite stiff to improve turn-in, whilst reducing body roll and flex during acceleration, braking and cornering. Whilst the low speed bump control is stiff for improved cornering, the high speed bump can be set to quite a supple and soft setting. This means less more stability when running kerbs on the circuit, or when encountering bumps on the road.

Moton's unique blow off valve system helps to vent excess damper pressure when a unexpected bump is encountered, ensuring the wheel and tyre remain in contact with the ground, helping you to remain in complete control.

With Moton 3-Ways, you'll experience improved grip and traction, increased stability, better control over bumps and undulating surfaces and reduced tyre wear.