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Suspension Secrets

Suspension Secrets Seat Lowering Plate Kit - Toyota GR Yaris

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Drop the seat height of the driver's and passenger's seat in your GR Yaris by 35mm, and enjoy a greater sense of connection and improved visibility.

Our cost effective seat lowering plates offer the following benefits:

  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Increased forward visibility
  • Increased sense of connection to the chassis
  • Increased headroom

We've designed our seat lowering kit to be entirely compatible with the original Toyota seats. The 35mm drop is achieved by replacing the factory-fit seat sliders with bespoke lowering plates that bolt directly to the chassis floor. Each plate has multiple adjustable chassis mounting points to accommodate drivers of all sizes.

Please note - The lowering plates in our kit replace the factory seat sliders. This means sliding seat adjustment will no longer be available.

Note for international customers - these plates will fit a left-hand drive GR Yaris. A driver's plate will fit a left-hand drive driver's seat, and a passenger's plate will fit a left-hand drive passenger's seat.

Follow the link below for installation instructions:

Toyota GR Yaris Seat Lowering Kit Installation Guide

"Wow, this plate has made a bigger difference than I expected!  Finally the seat height issue is resolved, I feel more locked into the car and the mirror no longer gets in the way. Now the car has gone from 9/10 to a 10/10 B-road blaster!" - backontrack, GR Yaris owner