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Suspension Secrets

Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms - BMW F22 M235i/M240i

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Increase traction and stability on your M235i/M240i with our fully-adjustable Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms.

The original BMW toe arms on the F22 M235i/M240i feature large rubber bushes. These bushes flex during heavy cornering or hard acceleration. This flex causes the rear toe angle to change dynamically, which leads to the car feeling unstable at the rear axle.

To solve this issue, we have developed our Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms for the BMW F22 M235i/M240i. As opposed to the standard rubber-bushed BMW toe arms, our fully-adjustable arms feature spherical rose joints. These rose joints are solidly-mounted which means they do not flex under heavy cornering or acceleration forces; this ensures your rear toe angle remains fixed, resulting in far more grip when cornering and accelerating.

Our Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms for the BMW F22 M235i/M240i feature a greater range of adjustment than the standard BMW toe arms. This means you can run increased negative camber whilst also maintaining ideal toe angles.

Our adjustable toe arms also help to improve your M235i/M240i's acceleration as the lack of flex from the solid bushes means the sense of delay from applying the throttle and feeling the car squat and accelerate is removed, resulting in an improved sense of connection to the rear axle. This makes our adjustable rear toe arms perfect is your M235i/M240i is tuned.

We've also designed our Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms for the BMW M235i/M240i to be easy to adjust. The stainless steel adjusters on the arms enable you to adjust your rear toe settings far more quickly and accurately than standard. The stainless steel adjusters on our toe arms can be adjusted using a simple 17mm spanner.

The key benefits of installing our Suspension Secrets Adjustable Rear Toe Arms for the BMW F22 M235i/M240i are:

  • Increased stability when cornering
  • Improved acceleration
  • More positive feedback from the rear axle when accelerating
  • Increased straight-line traction - ideal for tuned/drag cars
  • Complete control over rear toe settings
  • Ease of adjustment when making setup changes

Suspension Secrets' products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our products are made from billet aircraft-grade 6082 T6 aluminium and corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel. We use motorsport-spec Fluro bearings for maximum performance and longevity.