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Suspension Secrets

Suspension Secrets Camber Shim Kit - Mercedes AMG GTR

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Intended Application

Improve your Mercedes AMG GTR's handling with our custom-designed camber shims. Our fit and forget shims add much needed negative camber to the front or rear axle of the AMG GTR, transforming how it drives.

The benefits of our camber shims includes:

  • Increased cornering speed
  • Greatly reduced understeer
  • Improved handling feel and driver feedback
  • Reduced wear on the outer edges of the tyres
  • Better turn-in
  • More confidence-inspiring handling
  • The only way to increase negative camber on the AMG GTR

Our easy to install camber shims sit between the lower suspension wishbone and the chassis. This pushes the wishbone further outwards, which increases negative camber. 

We designed our camber shims so they can be installed or removed very easily, making them ideal for quick setup changes. After the shims are installed, your alignment doesn't shift.

Our Mercedes AMG GTR Camber Shim Kit includes 8 shims in total.