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Suspension Secrets

Suspension Secrets MQB Adjustable Camber Plates - VAG

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Experience reduced understeer, increased cornering grip and improved steering feel with our Suspension Secrets MQB Adjustable Camber Plates.

As standard, there is no front camber adjustability on the MQB chassis. This lack of camber causes understeer when driving hard, which results in excessive tyre wear and a frustrating car to drive fast.

To solve this issue we've developed our Suspension Secrets MQB Adjustable Camber Plates. What makes our camber plates unique is the two positions of adjustment. In their standard 'fast road' position, our camber plates increase negative camber alongside having an offset bearing for additional positive caster. This results in far more front axle grip, improved steering feel, reduced understeer and more even tyre wear.

In their second 'track' position, our camber plates give more negative camber for track day driving. This increase in negative camber will allow you to push harder on track, with even more grip and reduced understeer.

Unlike other adjustable camber plates that feature slots for setting camber angles, our Suspension Secrets MQB Adjustable Camber Plates feature two positions: road and track. This means changing the camber angle is easy when installing the camber plates or if you want to make setup changes ahead of an upcoming track day. The camber position can be changed between road and track, requiring only the front toe to be tweaked after any changes.

We've also designed our camber plates to be compatible with any aftermarket coilover that works with the standard OEM top mount such as Ohlins Road and Track and KW V3 coilovers.

The dynamic benefits of our Suspension Secrets MQB Adjustable Camber Plates include:

  • Increased front axle grip
  • Improved steering feel
  • Reduced understeer
  • More accurate steering
  • Improved tyre wear
  • Two settings for fast road and track driving
  • Easy to set and adjust before installation
Compatible vehicles

The Suspension Secrets MQB Adjustable Camber Plates are compatible with:

  • Audi S3 (8V)
  • Audi RS3 (8V)
  • Audi TTS (8S)
  • Audi TTRS (8S)
  • SEAT Leon Cupra 265-300 (inc. 'R') (5F)
  • Skoda Octavia RS (5E)
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI/TCR (Mk.7)
  • Volkswagen Golf R (Mk.7)
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk.8)
  • Volkswagen Golf R (Mk.8)