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Suspension Secrets

Handling Pack 2 - Toyota GR Yaris

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Toyota's GR Yaris is a car that drives nicely from the factory. It is agile, accurate and fun to exploit, however the harder you drive the faster its dynamic shortcomings become apparent.

To tackle these issues, we've created our range of Toyota GR Yaris Handling Packs.

The Suspension Secrets Toyota GR Yaris Handling Pack 2 is focused on improving the body control, the neutrality of the chassis and the braking, whilst also reducing understeer and any vagueness in the steering.

The Suspension Secrets Toyota GR Yaris Handling Pack 2 includes:

King Springs 25mm Lowering Springs

The King Springs 25mm Lowering Springs offer a reduced centre of gravity, which helps to improve the Yaris' stability and speed during quick direction changes. This allows you to 'lean' on the car with far more confidence

These lowering springs also lower the front axle slightly less than the rear axle. This creates a good rake angle, which helps to load the front axle during heavy braking which improves turn-in and braking traction.

The King Springs high quality construction gives them far superior performance - in terms of damping, body control and ride comfort - compared to the original GR Yaris springs. They offer coilover levels of body control and damping composure at a greatly reduced price.

SuperPro Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit

The standard front suspension assembly of the GR Yaris does not allow for any camber adjustment. The Suspension Secrets Toyota GR Yaris Handling Pack 2 includes the SuperPro Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit which give essential negative camber to the the GR Yaris front axle.

The benefits of increased negative camber on the front axle include improved turn-in responsiveness; increased cornering speeds; reduced understeer and reduced tyre wear.

Hardrace Rear Upper Camber Kit

Negative camber on the front axle of a car is essential for tackling understeer, but negative camber on the rear axle is also a very important thing to consider in relation to the overall handling characteristics of a car.

Hardrace adjustable rear camber arms improve the amount of camber achievable on the GR Yaris' rear axle. This additional camber increases the amount of traction available on the rear axle during cornering, particularly on corner exit, which is essential for an all-wheel drive car like the GR Yaris.

Having increased negative rear camber also allows the Yaris to adopt a far more neutral cornering stance as both axles work in tandem with one another.

Whiteline Front Control Arm Caster Bushings

Whiteline's caster bushes are a great upgrade for the GR Yaris and they bring a variety of dynamic benefits including improved braking, better steering feel and more precise steering.

Most notably, positive caster improves dynamic camber gain, which enables more of the tyre's contact patch to be used during cornering whilst reducing the amount of static camber required - this means better cornering speeds but also increased high speed stability and braking stability.

Caster also improves steering feel, and the high self-centring torque created by these caster bushes allows for you to exit corners far more smoothly as the wheel re-centres far more progressively.