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AST 5200 Coilovers - BMW F20 M135i/M140i

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Transform your BMW M135i/M140i's handling with AST 5200 2-way independently adjustable coilovers.

AST 5200s feature bump and rebound adjustment using two independent controllers. This allows you to fine-tune the handling of your BMW to suit road conditions or to suit your driving style. For example, if you are experiencing excessive mid-corner understeer you can increase the rebound on the rear dampers to help eliminate this.

AST 5200s make use of an inverted strut design for improved performance and reliability during high-speed driving. This feature, combined with AST's monotube damper piston design, ensures this kit works precisely at the limit.

The key features of AST 5200 Coilovers for the BMW F20 M135i/M140i are:

  • 2-Way independently adjustable (11 clicks of compression, 12 clicks of rebound)
  • Supplied with reservoirs for improved thermal management and performance
  • Supplied with camber-adjustable AST top mounts