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AST 5300 Coilovers - BMW F80 M3/F82 M4

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AST 5300 Series are 3-Way adjustable coilovers that are supplied with motorsport uniball top mounts, making them perfect for fast road, track day and racing usage.

The key features of AST 5300 Coilovers for BMW F80 M3/F82 M4 are:

  • 3-Way adjustable (12 clicks of independent rebound , 14 clicks of independent low speed compression, 12 clicks of independent high speed compression)
  • Remote reservoirs for improved heat and fluid displacement
  • Inverted strut designs for improved acceleration and cornering g-forces
  • Improved piston diameter for improved fluid displacement
  • Gas-pressurised for improved performance
  • Fully ride-height adjustable (lowering from -25 to -60mm)
  • Includes AST motorsport top mounts for camber control
  • Reliable and low maintenance
  • Suppled as true coilover rear shock setup

PLEASE NOTE vehicles fitted with BMW Electronic Damper Control (EDC) will require a delete kit to prevent error codes from occurring.

More information

The AST inverted damper system is a race-inspired design that gives the damper far more strength and resistance to high g-forces generated by fast driving. This design helps to retain the suspension geometry of the car during the cornering, braking and acceleration phases, ensuring consistent cornering performance.

The ride-height adjustment platform allows you to adjust the ride height of your car whilst retaining the maximum stroke of the damper.

AST's Monotube technology improves the damper's performance and efficiency by separating the damper oil and nitrogen gas inside the damper with a floating piston. This floating piston design, combined with the use of high-pressure nitrogen, helps to eliminate cavitation around the piston.

The larger piston and lack of cavitation increases the damper performance and the sensitivity of the dampers felt by the driver. All of this combines to produce more grip, increased control and improved driver feedback.

The three-way independent adjustability of the AST 5300 Series gives you complete control over the handling and chassis characteristics of your BMW M3. The control comes from the independently adjustable damping. You can set the low speed compression to a stiff setting for improved body control, especially during braking and cornering; then you can set the high speed compression far softer in order to smooth out any undulations on the road or race track. A good rebound setting will be able to compliment the stiff low-speed compression and the more supple high-speed compression. For this reason 3-Way adjustable coilovers are the ultimate choice for fast road, track day and race usage.

Technical information

  • Rebound, Low speed, and high speed compression are fully adjustable with remote reservoirs
  • Remote reservoirs allow additional suspension travel, heat dissipation and oil/nitrogen capacity
  • 44.5mm piston diameter offers exceptional strength, preventing unwanted geometry change during cornering and braking
  • Aluminium shock bodies
  • Threaded height-adjustable bodies
  • Low friction internal seals
  • Spherical lower "eye" shock mounts
  • Reservoir with hose or piggyback system
  • Spherical upper shock mount assemblies
  • Synthetic hydraulic fluid
  • Optional DLC coated 44.5mm inverted shafts
  • Optional DDP (double digressive) piston
  • Fully serviceable and rebuildable
  • Custom valving available