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AST 5300 Coilovers - Toyota Yaris GR

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Dominate any and all road conditions with the 3-way independently adjustable AST 5300 coilovers for the Toyota GR Yaris.

AST 5300s are 3-way adjustable with low-speed bump, low-speed rebound and high-speed damper settings all being independently adjustable. This gives you complete control over how your Yaris handles. The low-speed damper settings can be used to give the car excellent handling, whilst the high speed bump settings can be used to ensure your Yaris remains stable over rough tarmac or kerbs on the race track.

AST 5300s feature remote reservoirs for superior thermal management, and camber adjustable top mounts for maximum grip. The inverted strut design of the AST 5300 ensures accurate and consistent performance even under high-intensity driving conditions.

The key features of AST 5300 Coilovers for the Toyota Yaris GR are:

  • 3-Way independently adjustable (12 clicks of high-speed bump, 14 clicks of low-speed bump, 12 clicks of rebound)
  • Feature adjustable camber plates and external reservoirs
  • Inverted strut for superior performance under heavy g-load
  • Includes springs - custom spring rates are available
  • High-performance monotube design