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B-G Racing - Bump Steer Gauge

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Bump steer is the involuntary change in toe/steering angle during the compression and rebound of vehicle suspension travel. The B-G Racing Bump Steer Gauge allows the user to measure and correct bump steer, therefore greatly optimising suspension behaviour and chassis characteristics.

The Bump Steer Gauge features a multi-drilled PCD plate with measurement scale, a single digital dial indicator which measures in both millimetres and inches, and a precision roller bearing which couples with the hinged base to follow the arc of suspension travel during use for simple, accurate measurement.

The height adjustable frame makes the Bump Steer Gauge versatile, whilst acting as a lock when folded away for safe, easy flat-pack transport.

Manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a durable silver-grey powder coated finish, the B-G Racing Bump Steer Gauge is a must-have piece of chassis set up equipment.

An optional black nylon carry bag (BGR310BAG) is available to keep your Bump Steer Gauge protected during storage and transportation.