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BG Racing

B-G Racing - Levelling Trays with Tall Leg Extension Kit (Set of 4)

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Designed with strength, stability and convenience in mind, the Levelling Tray Leg Extension Kit (BGR358) bolts directly to a Modular Scale Pad Levelling Tray (BGR352) to raise your vehicle, and therefore your working area, to a much more comfortable position of 700mm. 

Ideal to use in conjunction with a Two Post Workshop Ramp/Lift, Scissor Lift, or A-Frame Crane.

Manufactured from high grade mild steel with a durable silver/grey powder coated finish, the Levelling Trays with Tall Leg Extensions Kit has been designed to be assembled and disassembled for ease of storage and transportation.

The Levelling Tray with Tall Leg Extensions Kit features threaded bosses to accept the original adjustable steel feet supplied with your Levelling Tray, allowing the same range of adjustment as standard. The Levelling Trays are suitable for any 15” x 15” scale pads. 

This kit is sold in a set of four with Scale Pad Levelling Trays, 700mm Leg Extensions and Adjustable Levelling Feet included.