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Eibach Lowering Springs Kit – BMW F80 M3/F82 M4

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  • Made to the highest standard
  • Improved cornering speed
  • Improved feel and driver enjoyment
  • Front ride height lowered by 20mm
  • Rear ride height lowered by 10mm


Upgrade your M3/M4’s handling with Eibach’s excellent lowering spring kit.

We recommend that you install lowering springs as one of the first upgrades to carry out in order to improve your BMW’s handling.

Lowering springs make the car sit lower. As a result, they offer several dynamic improvements to the car. Most importantly, the centre of gravity is reduced. A lower centre of gravity is beneficial in terms of accelerating, cornering and braking. Sitting the weight low in the chassis is one of the most important fundamental changes that you can make to improve how a car handles.

Eibach’s lowered springs are also slightly stiffer than the factory-fit BMW units. This added stiffness helps keep the car’s chassis much flatter throught the corners by reducing body-roll.

This reduction of body-roll gives allows drivers to corner with more speed and confidence.

Eibach’s class-leading springs are also designed not to have any negative effects on the ride comfort of your M3/M4. As a result, you can benefit from the handling improvements given by Eibach’s lowering springs without affecting the day-to-day usability of your car.

In this kit, the front springs lower the ride height by 20mm and the rear springs lower the ride by 10mm.

We offer comprehensive fitting and setup services to really help make the most of your upgrades.