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Suspension Secrets

Suspension Secrets Camber Shims Kit - Ferrari 360

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Intended Application

Give your Ferrari 360 more cornering confidence and speed with our Ferrari 360 Camber Shims Kit.

Our corrosion-resistant stainless steel camber shims offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced understeer
  • Increased cornering speeds
  • Improved feedback
  • More stability during cornering
  • Reduced tyre wear

We've designed our Ferrari 360 Camber Shims to fit easily into the existing Ferrari suspension assembly. Our fit and forget shims add some much needed negative camber across the front and back axles of the car.

Negative camber transforms how a car handles, allowing it to use more pf the contact patch of its tyres during cornering. This increases cornering speed and stability, whilst reducing understeer. Negative camber also helps to reduce the amount at which tyres get worn out from performance driving.

Our Ferrari 360 Camber Shims Kit includes 8 shims.