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Suspension Secrets

Suspension Secrets Camber Shims Kit - Ferrari (OTHER)

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Intended Application

Improve your Ferrari's handling with our Suspension Secrets Ferrari Camber Shims Kit. As the only way to increase the negative camber on the front axle, our shims are a great upgrade for transforming how your Ferrari handles.

Our shims offer the following dynamic benefits:

  • Reduced understeer
  • Improved turn-in
  • Increased grip
  • More feedback from the chassis and steering
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Increased directional stability

Our fit and forget shims are a great upgrade as they do not change your Ferrari's alignment whilst also adding additional negative camber that isn't achievable using the standard Ferrari suspension.

Negative camber is essential for improving your Ferrari's handling as it helps to use more of a tyre's contact patch during cornering. The more even spread of cornering forces across the surface area of the tyre also reduces tyre wear.

Our Suspension Secrets Ferrari (OTHER) Camber Shims Kit includes 8 shims.