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Suspension Secrets

Handling Pack 1 - Toyota GR Yaris

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Drive your GR Yaris harder and with more confidence on the road and the track with Suspension Secrets Toyota GR Yaris Handling Pack 1.

Handling Pack 1 improvements are:

  • Reduced understeer
  • Increased cornering grip
  • Enhanced body control
  • Better stability across rough surfaces
  • Improved cornering agility
  • More refined ride comfort

Handling Pack 1 contains:

King Springs 25mm Lowering Springs

A 25mm drop in ride height reduces the GR Yaris' centre of gravity. This reduces how much the body of the car pitches and rolls during acceleration, braking and cornering. The Yaris becomes far more responsive to driver input due to a reduction in pitch and roll, which allows for faster direction changes - which is ideal for fast road or track driving.

During our testing programme, we discovered that the ride quality of the GR Yaris actually improved with the King Springs fitted. This is thanks to the high stress X5 spring steel that is used in the King Springs construction. With the springs fitted, you get both enhanced cornering performance, and increased ride refinement.

SuperPro Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit

Front camber is not adjustable as standard on the GR Yaris. SuperPro's Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit fixes this issue and gives some much needed negative camber to the front axle of the GR Yaris.

The benefits of negative camber include reduced understeer; improved cornering grip, and more even tyre usage and wear.